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Tax Optimisation

Counseling,Incorporation & Residency

USA: March 2021 Highest Tax Hike, since 1993,  forecasted by the Biden Administration

ZUG : Mars 7,2021  the Referendum to lower  by 2.4% the  Income & corporate taxes of the Canton is accepted by 66% of the voters

LUXEMBOURG: Devastating Openlux reports by world newspaper similar to "Panama papers". No more secrecy

Zug-Wallis sponsors the Dairy farm project in Sark Island

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ZUG Switzerland

  • Corporate Tax: 11.8%

  • Lowest Income Tax of Switzerland  11.3% (average  maximun  20.9% > $500 000) 

  • Safety + Favorable Business Environment

  • All facilities for Residency

  • Not in any black / grey list of Tax Haven


  • Corporate Tax 0%  

  • Income Tax 0%

  • No VAT 

  • Part of France, linked with EU  

  • Not part of CRS & FATCA Treaties

  • Not in any black / grey lists of Tax Haven

Sark Flag.png

Sark /Serq (Crown Dependency)

  • Corporate Tax 0%  

  • Income Tax 0%

  • No VAT 

  • Not in any black / grey lists of Tax Haven

About Us
What We Offer
Why Us




We consider ourselves as linked to any visitor of this site through the Attorney - Client privilege.


Your identity and requests are protected by the privacy laws of Switzerland.


FYI: the Swiss Bank secrecy is still applicable to any Swiss resident. 



Our Story

We specialize in Tax optimisation for Corporations and individuals. Tax Optimisation is legal, Evasion in not.

Based in Switzerland in the canton of Zug, we are helped by the best lawyers and accountants in order to provide a superior service.


Zug and France (including Wallis) are not in any black lists of Tax Havens. Therefore your legitimate business and residency can enjoy their very law taxations.    

Who We Are

We offer consultancy, company formation, registration domiciliation for the purpose of benefiting from the tax advantages of those two unique places. Our staff is made of University professors, former judges, Lawyers and expats that know perfectly the places.


We work with the best lawyers and accountants to propose a personalized legal package that fits your your corporate and personal needs. 

Our Vision

We will also advise you, also, for your personal relocation, real estate, school, health insurance, tax fillings  and  residency permits..

In those two places you will have more than a fiscal advisor, but also a friend who knows perfectly well the country. and will help you all the way 


We are probably the only one who clearly and frankly advertises Tax Optimisation. We found two totally different locations:

ZUG Well known where more than 20 000  companies are domiciled benefiting from the Tax system and also the modernity and beauty of the region


WALLIS: A relatively unknown French territory with zero taxation, where 12 larges cruise-ships are already registered. It is Panama with a clean image . 




In Zug

  • Incorporation of companies

  • Domiciliation

  • Links with local Attorneys & Tax advisors

  • Directorship

  • Residency for Individuals

  • Tax Advising

  • Administrative procedure

  • Translation service (German) 

In Wallis

  • Incorporation of companies

  • Domiciliation

  • Link with  local Attoneys.

  • Directorship

  • Bank Account 

  • Tax Advising

  • Link with the French Administration

  • Translation service (French) 



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