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Wallis is part of France. It is an unknown place, which is fact totally tax free. It is kept quite and not advertised by the French government. However large cruise ships are registered there to compete with the ones with flags of convenience like Panama. By establishing a French company, you will benfit from a French Address,  and French laws  while paying very little taxes at all. 

  • No Company Tax (Small occupational fee)

  • No VAT

  • No Income Tax

  • No Inheritance tax

  • No Capital Gain Tax 

  • No Wealth Tax 

  • No CRS & FATCA Treaty

  • No Accounting mandatory

  • Special Law for registering Wessels under French Flag

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Corporations in Wallis

  • SARL  No Minimum  capital. Timeframe 1 to 2 months

  • SA Minimum capital 37 000 €. Timeframe 1 to 2 months

  • Not for Profit Association (NGO). No Capital, Time Frame. 1 to 2 months  

Personal Income Tax in Wallis

  • No Income tax

  • No inheritance Tax

  • No wealth tax

  • No direct taxes

  • Free healthcare

Advantages of Wallis

  • Zero Tax: No Corporate, Income, Capital, Inheritance,VAT Wealth, and direct taxes.

  • No accounting necessary, Preserving secrecy

  • French authorities provide each year a document stating that all taxes have been paid.

  • French Company with a French address

  • Special extra advantages for cruise and merchant ships.

  • Associated with the European Union

  • Currency linked with the Euro

  • Not subject to CRS and FATCA treaties 

  • Not included in any black /grey list of Tax Haven

  • Very healthy tropical paradise.(no coronavirus)

Small Disavantage

  • Far away,but it is, sometimes, an advantage


We consider ourselves as linked to any visitor of this site through the Attorney - Client privilege.


Your identity and requests are protected by the privacy laws of Switzerland.

Cost and Fees

As every request is different we really prefer to examine carefully your needs before establising a binding quote. However here are some usual charges:

Establishment and registration of an SARL company: 5000 € (inc. Lawyer + Articles of Incorporation + Publication at the Journal Officiel + Registration at the RC + Bank Account)

Establishment of an SA company Exemple 100 000€ capital: 10 000 € (incl. Lawyer + Articles of Incorporation + Publication at the JO.+ Registration at the RC + Bank Account)

Company domiciliation: 200€ / month

Local representative: 100€ / month

Residency permit for EU citizen: 5000 € + costs 

Residency permit for non-EU citizen: 10000 € + costs 


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