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Why ZUG?


Siemens, Roche, Johnson & Johnson, Burger King, Glencore and the two huge pipelines Nord Stream and TAP, that do not pass through Switzerland, have their headquarters in the Canton of Zug. 20 000+ other companies are there. Zug (11.9%) is well placed internationally for corporate taxation, being cheaper than Ireland, Liechtenstein (12%), Cyprus (12.5%), Hong-Kong (16.5%) and Russia 20%. Why ?

  • The effective corporate income tax rate dropped recently  to 11.8% (used to be 14.35%) across all levels (federal taxes, cantonal taxes & municipal taxes ).

  • With the introduction of the "patent box", the net profit from patents and similar rights will be included in the calculation of the taxable net profit with a maximum reduction of 90%.

  • The Canton of Zug now allows a deduction for research and development costs of 50%.(source KPMG)

  • Switzerland ranks first in the Financial secrecy index 

  • The personal Income tax is one of the lowest of the Western world  (8,3%)

Corporations in Zug

  • AG: Minimum share capital 100 000 CHF Minimum Paid up 50 000 CHF. Timeframe 1 to 2 weeks

  • GMBH: Minimum Capital 20 00 CHF all paid up. Timeframe 1 to 2 weeks

  • Not for Profit Association   (NGO). No Capital, very light no formalities. Must have residents in the board.  Timeframe  immediate. Delay for Bank account.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     AG                                                        GmbH

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 1.07.27 AM.png

Personal Income Tax in Zug

  •  Annual Income 180 000 CHF. Married Couple one child & 1 million  CHF assets. Income tax: 14 954 CHF  8.30%

  • For very high income: > 500 000 CHF 20.9% or possibility of fixed tax package  


Advantages of Zug

  • Lowest taxation of Switzerland: Both Corporation and  personal

  • Very "Business Friendly" atmosphere (incl. authorities)

  • No Inheritance Tax, Low VAT for Swiss Market

  • Multilingual city (English, German, French, Italian)

  • Modern developed city with top Infrastructures (40 mn from Zurich Airport), Hospitals, Schools, Luxury Shops & Restaurants.

  • Exceptional Safety and Security

  • Very good and affordable health insurance

  • Beautiful surroundings lakes and ski slopes

  • Not in any black  / grey list of Tax Havens

Small Disavantage 

  • High cost of living for individuals but luxury and safety has price.

  • Delays slightly longer for non EU citizen.


We consider ourselves as linked to any visitor of this site through the Attorney - Client privilege.


Your identity and requests are protected by the privacy laws of Switzerland.

Cost and Fees

As every request is different, we really prefer to examine carefully your needs before establising a binding quote. However here are some of our usual charges:

Establishment and registration of an GmbH company: 1500 CHF + costs

Establishment of an AG company: 3000 CHF + costs

Company domiciliation: 200 CHF / Month

Residency Permit B for EU citizen: 1000 CHF + costs

Residency permit  for non EU citizen: 5000 CHF + costs



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